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Our EZ Carrier makes your investment last. The EZ Carrier protects your equipment from road splash and debris. The hydraulic assisted ramp system allows for convenient loading and unloading of the spreader sprayer unit which is safely carried within the truck bed. Our EZ Carrier eliminates the hazards associated with pulling trailers and maneuvering in tight areas.

We all know the uneasy feeling of carrying equipment off the receiver of the truck...

 As of now our EZ Carrier is designed to fit into a truck with an 8-foot bed and has a GVWR of 9800 pounds or more.

We are currently working on a 6.5-foot carrier.

Our EZ Carrier will accommodate a spreader sprayer unit up to 48 inches wide.

 Our carrier is made of light gauge, high strength steel painted with rust preventing primer and durable top coat.

Also available in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel Carrier

Stainless Steel Carrier

Sale price $9,999.95 Save $3,000
Mild Steel Carrier

Mild Steel Carrier

Sale price $7,999.95 Save $1,000